Henry Pacer (bass/vox)

While generally considered the most well-rounded of the group, Henry Pacer’s biggest contribution consisted of his two magnificent and veiny hands, which he delicately and aptly named Mussolini and Casanova. He was very good-looking and heterosexual, though he enjoyed cross-dressing from time to time. He spoke very seldom unless he was jogging, a time he reserved for himself to banter aloud with the conflicting mysticisms and equations pinging back and forth in his brain. But perhaps as a result of this, Henry is the most prolific diarist from the time and, I hope, the most reliable as well.

Most of the other group members attributed Henry's various quirks to an upbringing filled with a passion for electrical engineering and an unquenchable desire to beat the Turing Test. While this very well may have inclined him towards eccentricity, it also endowed him with a skill for inventing robots that was invaluable for the Quests (and for supporting the group financially). On the other hand, he was solely responsible for the Chillbot/Killbot fiasco, something for which he never really forgave himself.

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hiphopopotamus said...

"Come on over, and do the twist!"

I feel like this is supposed to be a cross between me and Ben... which can't be true because me and Ben are arch enemies!

I think I found a block.